Cookies, Coffee,Tea and Bottled Water will welcome you in my quaint studio.

Remember to pick from the 4 below so I can have them made upon your arrival.​


1) Absolutely NO smoking or drugs allowed. 

2) Prefer No Drinking or Minimal Drinking.

3) Home not recommended for children. (due to pond)

4) Home not wheelchair access.

My Guarantee

Laundry Service Available

Washer and Dryer is used by owner only. I will provide laundry service to tenant when I am not utilizing the machines for a minimal charge. Not the gouging prices at the laundromats.

All comforters, couch cover, blankets, throw rugs, sheets and towels are washed before arrival of next tenant or guest(s).  You can be rest assured that everything has been thoroughly sanitized before your arrival.

831 234 0509

Owner will provide wood for fireplace. Please only use wood and not Presto logs.

My Mission is Simple:

I am searching for one person to reside in the studio on a month to month basis.  I would prefer that he or she works evenings but not mandatory. 

Family Room is now

a private studio

in Rio Del Mar, Ca.

 Butter Pecan                  Lemon Tarts                 Peanut Butter


Junellen Brainard

831 234 0509

Extremely Important

I reside on the premises (upstairs) with my cats.  

If you are allergic to cats it isn't a good idea to reside here.